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What is CLO?

WOLk is a place where awareness, art and togetherness are central. People from diverse disciplines and backgrounds realize their programs here. WOLk aims for extensive, accessible and affordable and wants to be accessible to a broad target group.


Learn more about it offeren theart installation can be found here! 


Charlois is an area located on the southern bank of the Maas in the municipality of Rotterdam.


Charlois is divided into the neighborhoods Carnisse, Zuidrand, Heijplaat, Oud-Charlois, Pendrecht, Tarwewijk, Wielewaal, Zuidplein and Zuidwijk. A variety of people with different cultural backgrounds live, work and live in Charlois.

WOLk is located in Oud-Charlois.

Oud-Charlois is green and has many enthusiastic residents. Due to the mostly cheap housing facilities, more and more artists and creative people have settled there in the past 20 years. WOLk originated from residents association W1555 on the Wolphaertstraat. 



From 2004 to 2020, the NAC Foundation 'Nieuwe Ateliers Charlois' in the Wolphaertstraat in Rotterdam was given numbers 15 to 55 of the housing corporation Woonstad.


This gave young creatives a chance to find affordable housing to further develop their artistic practice.

Residents Association W1555 originated from NAC. Since 2022, the residents' association has owned 46 houses and 5 MOG spaces (social real estate) in Wolphaertstraat .


The residents' association wishes to program various socio-cultural initiatives in the spaces and to work together. WOLk has two rooms, namely numbers 17-19, in use.

and coordinators

Pauline Schreurstrained as a museologist and works as a project and program coordinator of various cultural and artistic projects in Rotterdam and Mexico. She is also a yoga teacher, meditation coach, masseuse and breathing coach. WOLk is the hotbed of development for her; personal and collective. 


Marieke Schiferli-Haandrikmanis resident of W1555 and founder of WOLk. She is trained as an artist, works as a teacher and coordinator in art education, Yoga teacher, Yoga Nidra instructor, and is training as a hypnotherapist. For her, WOLk is the place where all the best of personal and social development come together. 


Mary & Pauline

The board

PHOTO-2022-04-28-19-49-04 2.jpg






Since 1971Michael Engelaan.

Prefers to walk in the Light. Enthusiastic Yoga practitioner and teacher as well as shopkeeper in gramophone records. Treasurer at Stichting WOLk Rotterdam.


Maarten van Otterdijkis a set designer and yoga teacher. After 10 years in Rotterdam, he currently lives in Jena, Germany, where he is part of the artistic direction of the Theaterhuis there. In the summer of 2024, the future will be completely open again. As a fellow board member of Stichting WOLk, he supports the growing awareness and creative development of people in Rotterdam Charlois.


Raluca CroitoruRaluca Croitoru works as an artist and teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She is a yoga enthusiast and enjoys all kinds of physical exercise, from dancing to playing soccer. She is also a co-founder of, an online platform in Bucharest that supports local artisans in the maintenance of objects. 

WOLK is grateful!

The WOLk Foundation is made possible in part by

DeltaPORT Donation Fund, Culture Concrete,

Opzoomer Mee (municipality of Rotterdam), WMO Radar, Residents Association W1555,

IRISprints, many residents and volunteers from Charlois.

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