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Contribute to WOLk!

Do you also want to be part of WOLk? We are still looking for makers who want to give substance to the space. Do you want to guide ceremonies, give a meditation training, rehearse for art performances or just be part of our community?
Then we would love to hear from you!

Do you want to join WOLk?

CLOUD consists of two spaces
Old Charlois in Rotterdam. One of about 75m2 and the other of 15m2.


Many makers now give substance to these spaces by offering yoga classes, massages, workshops, lectures, film evenings, performances, breathing sessions, ceremonies, etc. 


As a permanent maker there are 2 options to connect with your program; 

- For €105,- you can make a program for 5 hours per month.

- For €175, you can make 10 programs per month. 

WOLk does that;

- Promotion of your program on the WOLk Instagram and website;

- You are part of the WOLk community, in which collaboration with other makers and the exchange of knowledge and skills is possible;

- Following another fixed program free of charge is free of charge for the fixed makers! 


Are you interested in participating? Send an email to:


Become a volunteer too

Everyone is welcome at WOLk who wants to develop professionally and personally and who wants to be part of the WOLk community.


We are very happy with our team, which now consists of Johan Molenaar and Olya Ananda Shakti. Both are also involved in WOLk as yoga teachers. Some volunteers cooperate incidentally, others structurally. They help with cleaning, at the reception desk, with odd jobs and, for example, during events such as training and courses. 


Do you also want to lend a hand now and then?
Please contact us at

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