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Our team consists of yoga teachers, dance coaches, artists, breath supervisors, designers, coordinators, volunteers and more.

They offer a varied program at WOLk.

At WOLk, the community and equality are central
of the individuals first.

Henk & Solve

I am Henk Abel, founder of Centrum Adem-Halen Rotterdam. 

My profession was teacher, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, shiatsu therapist and now breath coach. Together with Solve I facilitate breathing circles, (breathing) workshops, individual breathing sessions, sound healings and ceremonies with medicinal plants. 


Solve is a breath coach, sound healer (individually and in groups), facilitator of ceremonies with medicinal plants.


Together we give breathing circles every Thursday evening at WOLk.



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In WOLk I give Qigong, energy work, martial arts classes. I am an eclectic person. If I want to describe myself, it resembles the story of four people. And yet it is I who seeks to create, learn and share through mindful dance, martial arts and theatre. It all came together in my ritual dance method called 'Step out of the Story'. Only with all these components I feel like a whole person.

I am a theater maker. In Prague I was a director, dramaturge and performer in my own theater company for drama and ritual dance. I have been practicing martial arts since I was 13. To discover my life story, visit my website:



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Voice expression came my way when I became a mother.I wanted to be true to myself, but often gave myself away completely. I held back and exploded. Voice expression gave so much color to my life. And I found my voice again. My sounds became clearer and pure. They touched me, gave insights and healing. And made me shine. I sang my second child to the earth, from conception to birth. A magical hot bath.

Becoming a mother and voice expression has brought me closer to my core. And on my mission. The power of making sound, of diving into your body with your voice and rising again. I want to share that. Bringing women back to their beds, to their natural strength, so that they feel inside what is good for them and can live that. Because, if you are true to yourself, there will be flow in your life and in the life of those around you.
And does that come naturally to me? Often not, I get to grow. I play, sometimes I'm wild, sometimes calm. I laugh crazy and I cry. I live. I am. I am Geneviève Kooijman.



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Become a program maker too!

WOLk still has room for makers. Are you looking for a location to organize activities or events or to give 1-on-1 sessions? Do you want to be part of an engaged community? Do you want to develop yourself personally and professionally?Please contact us for more information.



My name is Rita.Over the past 10 years I have taken several courses and personally experienced that Reiki is the safest, most reliable and most powerful form of therapy.


While giving Reiki I discovered that I am the greatest beneficiary myself. I know how to love myself and live in the moment, be thankful and experience abundance. I started giving Reiki courses to let others experience what it's like to feel this joy. Besides giving Reiki treatments I also give Reiki to animals, Reiki courses and Sound Healing at WOLk.



Ananda Shakti

My lessons have a deep spiritual value and healing effect.

They can be physically challenging and provide deep relaxation. I teach students to develop awareness of the body and mind. 


I give:

 • Traditional Hatha yoga classes from a holistic approach (In the tradition of Swami Sivananda, among others).

• Creative yoga classes (Vinyasa Flow). with innovative elements.

• Meditation and relaxation classes, such as Yoga Nidra.

• Yoga classes for people with physical limitations.

I also started giving Energy Healing at WOLk. For more information view the 1-on-1 offer.



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Marieke Haandrikman has been living in Oud-Charlois for 15 years.She is the founder of WOLk. Her motto; Art and Yoga is for everyone. She makes that her daily work; to share art and yoga in an open way, in which personal development, creativity and above all a lot of fun and relaxation are central.


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Pauline Schreurs is trained as a museologist and works as a project and program coordinator of various cultural and artistic projects in Rotterdam and Mexico. She is also a yoga teacher, meditation coach, masseuse and breathing coach. She teaches all audiences, from children to the elderly.


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Marta Hryniuk is a yogi, artist and filmmaker.She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, exploring her own practice and gradually learning how different styles cater to different bodies, temperaments and moments in life. She is an advocate of functional yoga, recognizing that every body is different, with its own needs and limits. She believes yoga should be accessible and fun.


As a filmmaker, Marta works a lot 'in the field', but also spends a lot of time behind her computer. Practicing yoga helps her to keep the balance between thinking with the mind and with the body, directing the energy from the head to 'hara' or belly.


In WOLk she teaches a yin yang class: a balancing combination of energetic yang flow with slow, nourishing yin poses.


All space

'Out of school, into the neighbourhood!'

In the programs of “Alle Ruimte” children and young people go to work  in the workshops of craftsmen and artists in the district. The focus is on discovering, making and learning with head, heart and hands. All Space connects existing forces nearby.

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My yoga adventure started about eight years ago and what started as a workout has now become a lifestyle.Yoga expands my consciousness and strengthens my stability and inner joy. About three years ago I completed the teacher training at Yoga Vidya and I teach classes based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda.




My name is Vincent Malambo Hamubolo.I am originally from Africa, Zambia to be precise. I like to look for solutions to problems by thinking outside the box. Loving people is also in my nature. My passions are fitness, art, entertainment, massage and nature.


At WOLk I provide African holistic and spiritual treatments that connect people in a powerful way with their inner selves. I use different techniques, use authentic wooden tools and use healing African music during the massages. Baobab African massage stands for creativity and joy.


Curious about my other offer?

Then visit my



My name is Alya Akulenko and I am from Ukraine.I have been practicing the art of massage for a long time. First as a hobby, now professionally. Half a year ago I opened my own massage studio in Kiev. Unfortunately I had to leave my studio behind because of the war. I love yoga, art, comics and movies.





Jasper Sariswas born in '64 and father
of three, now adults, 
children.In addition to working in science - and in particular human genetics - he has gained a lot of experience with NLP and all kinds of other training, after which he eventually started working more and more with constellations. He has followed the annual training Intuitive Constellations with Hylke Bonnema and various Masterclasses. He goes 'on' to body work, men's work (m/f) and certainly constellations.Jasper organizes Constellations at WOLk.


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May has experience as a Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Yoga teacher.She followed her training with Vidya Gurukul in Nasik, India. This school teaches the holistic form of yoga. She is also a holistic & adoption coach and Reiki & Vortex healer. Her gentle yoga classes will relax your senses in a safe & loving environment. In addition to lightness, she also brings a lot of fun to her lessons. May has taken several Vipassana (silence) retreats and meditation is an indispensable part of her life for inner peace and guidance. The Munay Ki initiations and healing Tao training are an added value.

At WOLk, May offers Yoga 55+, various training sessions, coaching sessions and healings. See also the 1-on-1 offer.


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My name is Esther Gernette.Ever since I was a child I have been dancing with passion and I listen with interest to the life stories of other people.I am in my element in nature. I like to marvel at art. I love to create valuable and surprising experiences. I live in Rotterdam with my love, our 12-year-old daughter and 2 cats.

​Via Dansexpressie I discovered how much I like to move based on inspiration from art or a theme. In addition, this dance form offered me balance, flexibility and the challenge to literally and figuratively move outside my comfort zone. It gave me the impulse to shape and put down my ideas. This became Frisse Move. Here I share my mission and passions in the form of offerings aimed at creative expression and personal development.

In WOLk you can join me for weekly dance improvisation classes. You can regularly participate in Dance Expression workshops with themes related to personal development. There will be a weekly dance offer for children later in the autumn.

I am looking forward to meet you.


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My name is Berenice Staiger.Since 2019 I have been teaching yoga classes to children and parents and children. In addition to hatha yoga, my classes are also inspired by the working method of Veronica Sherborne and her movement pedagogy and by elements from the Rock and Water resilience program for children aged 9 to 18 years.

I myself practice yoga since 2002. 

Key words for my lessons are: joy, playfulness, safety, confidence and self-confidence, observation, eye contact, communication, variation, positive approach, flexibility and creativity. For more information, also visit:



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