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  • 10 euro

Wie, wat, waar?

Looking for meaningful connections? Ready to explore and reveal the genuine you, as well as relate to what is true for the people around you? Join the club and practice Authentic Relating together! *** About Authentic Relating Authentic Relating is a relational practice that supports and nourishes deep human connection. To be authentic means to align your values, needs and desires with the way you act and express yourself. With playful and intimate get-togethers we stimulate (self) awareness, help reveal your experience and cheer for deep listening and communication. Every meetup exists of a guided meditation, games and exercises inspired by the Authentic Relating practice. Open for all humans out there. No experience required. Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of bringing our truth into connection with others’, so that we can weave a more rich and truthful human experience. ~ Authentic Revolution *** Your host The evenings will be facilitated by Lody Meijer. In her work she uses the foundations of authentic relating, mindfulness, dance- and contact improvisation to build community, expand physical awareness and investigate the world around us. Want to collaborate? Drop by for a chat. More info: *** Practical info Dates: 21 nov / 5 dec / 19 dec Time: 19:00-21:30 (doors open at 18:45) Price: €10 Language: English

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