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PAE in WOLk - 15/06/24 - 1 till 5 PM

  • Donations welcome!

Wie, wat, waar?

*An afternoon of embodied sharing with artists engaged in the intersection of performance art and ritual practices* ... At the invitation of WOLk, PAE arranged this event with the intention of revisiting the essence of the "Echoes of Shamanism" event held in 2018. However, since then, views have changed, leading them to reassess the usage of the term "shamanism." Historically, this term has been used as a catch-all descriptor for a multitude of individual practices originating predominantly from non-Western cultures. With the event on June 15th, PAE aims to explore more appropriate ways to refer to these rich spiritual traditions. This includes acknowledging the complex interactions between cultural appropriation, the quest for spiritual connection in modern Western contexts, and the deep need to honor and understand the intrinsic wisdom of traditional practices. The upcoming gathering, brought together by Nina Boas and ieke Trinks, invites artists whose journeys align with the discourse at hand. Each artist brings a unique trajectory shaped by encounters, teachings, ancestral traditions, and personal experiences with the spirits of the land, elements, connections with animated objects, and dream practices or altered states. Set within the inspiring space of WOLk and enveloped by Toine Klaasen's artistic creations, the event is envisioned as a platform for open exchange in any form the participants desire, culminating in meaningful dialogue. ... Joining artists: sieger baljon (NL) WeiZen Ho (AT) Toine Klaassen (NL) Nina Boas (NL) ... Free entrance, donations for the artists are welcome. Feel welcome to join, no reservation needed. ... Made possible by: Cultuur Concreet, Woonstad Rotterdam, CBK Rotterdam, Stichting Volkskracht, Opzoomer Mee, Stichting WOLk and La pureza del Arte.

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